Share Partner FAQs

What is the Share Partner Program?
Primary Account Holders have the ability to add Season Seat Share Partners in association with Season Seat Accounts. While the Primary Account Holder always retains full ownership of all season seats, this feature will allow registered Share Partners to take advantage of a wide array of benefits and functionality.  
Who is your Share Partner?
A season seat partner of yours with whom you have, or will, transfer a minimum of 9 games from your Season Seat Account in any given season, may be designated as a Share Partner. The Share Partner program is a convenient and efficient program for Primary Account Holders and Share Partners alike and provides for personalized account management for all of your ticketing requirements. The registering of a Share Partner(s) is optional; however we would encourage all Primary Account Holders to register eligible Share Partners to qualify for all program benefits.
How do I register a Share Partner?
As a Primary Account Holder you may now choose to formally register your Share Partner(s).  Partner(s) will receive their own To register your Share Partner(s) log in to your Jets Rewards account by clicking the link below.  Once logged in follow the prompts to register your Share Partner(s).  Your Share Partner(s) will be automatically sent a confirmation of their registration as an official Share Partner to your Winnipeg Jets Account.

You are not required to re-register existing Share Partners prior to each season. We recommend reviewing your list of active Share Partners to ensure our record of your season seat share group is up to date.

* Jets Points will be awarded up to a maximum of four (4) Share Partners registrations.  
How does a Share Partner request registration?
As someone who receives a minimum of 9 games in any given season from you, your share partner may request that you add them as an official Winnipeg Jets Share Partner.  When they make this request, as Primary Account holder you will receive a notification and at your option may confirm them as an official Share Partner eligible for all program benefits.
What benefits are official Share Partners eligible to receive?
  • Enrollment in the Jets Rewards loyalty program
  • Ability to sell seats on the Jets SeatExchange
  • Ability to Forward and Donate seats using the Winnipeg Jets Account Manager
  • 15% off discount at all Jets Gear locations

Jets Rewards FAQs

What are the benefits?
As a Season Seat Holder, Share Partner or Wait List Member, you can earn Jets Points that can be redeemed for Rewards and unique behind-the-scene Experiences.  Browse through the Rewards Catalogue for the complete list of Rewards and Experiences.
How do I get involved?
As a Season Seat Holder, Share Partner or Wait List Member, you are already involved. Login using your Winnipeg Jets Account Manager account ID/email and password and browse through the Rewards Catalogue to see the list of available Rewards and Experiences.  The Rewards Catalogue will be updated throughout the year.  Check back regularly to see new listings.  
Do Jets Points Expire?
Yes.  Pursuant to the Jets Rewards Terms & Conditions, unredeemed Jets Points will expire on the first day of the month following the three (3) year anniversary of the date they were earned.  Please note that the three (3) year expiration date reflects a change to the initial Jets Rewards Terms & Conditions.  Any expired Jets Points shall be treated as being void without compensation and will no longer be available for redemption.  For more information, please see the Jets Rewards Terms & Conditions.
Have Jets Points always had an expiration date?
Yes.  From the outset of the Jets Rewards Loyalty Program, the Jets Rewards Terms & Conditions have reflected an expiry date for Jets Points – this has not changed.  What has changed, however, is that the expiry date is now the first day of the month following the three-year anniversary of when Jets Points are earned.
How will I know when my Jets Points will expire?
To help Jets Rewards members track their Jets Points that are set to expire at the beginning of any given month, please reference the dashboard when you login to your Jets Rewards Account.  Among the features, will be an up-to-date record of any of your unredeemed Jets Points that are set to expire on the first day of the following month.  In addition, the number of points expiring at the end of the current month will be noted on your recurring Jets Rewards Newsletter.  
I have been saving for a big ticket item. Will they still be available?
Big ticket items will be available through draws, auctions and/or contests - which all Jets Rewards members are eligible to participate in.
Can I cash out my Jets Points?
Jets Points can only be redeemed for items in the Jets Rewards Catalogue; they do not have a cash value.
How do I earn Jets Points?
Please visit the following link for a complete guide to the many ways to earn Jets Points.
How many Jets Points can you earn during the annual Payment Plan Selection process if you select one of the Pay In Full options?
Earn Jets Points if you select one of the Pay In Full payment plans, and fully pay the outstanding balance of your season seats by April 15th.  Jets Points will vary based on the amount of your season seat invoice.

    Season Seat Invoice Amount     Jets Points Awarded
    $1,000.00 to $4,999.99     500
    $5,000.00 to $14,999.99     1,000
    $15,000.00 to $24,999.99     2,000
    $25,000.00 and up     3,000

Earn the same Jets Points Bonus again if you select Pay In Full by Cheque.
Can I transfer Jets Points to another Season Seat Holder?
No, Jets Points may not be transferred to another Season Seat Holder.
Can I combine my Jets Points with a friend to redeem for an item/experience?
No, multiple accounts may not combine their Jets Points to make a redemption.
Can I transfer Jets Points to my registered Share Partner(s)?
Yes, Jets Points can be transferred to Registered Share Partners through your Jets Rewards account.
Can I transfer Jets Points to a Wait List Member and/or can they transfer Jets Points to me?
No, Jets Points cannot be transferred to or from a Wait List Member.
Can I donate my Jets Rewards Points?
Absolutely.  By donating your Jets Points, you will help provide an unforgettable game day experience to a child associated with the True North Youth Foundation (“TNYF”). TNYF allows Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose players, along with True North Sports + Entertainment staff and management, to contribute to the Manitoba community in a concerted and centralized manner.  Please note: no tax receipt will be issued for a Jets Points donation, as Jets Points have no cash value associated with them.
How many Jets Gear Gift Cards can I redeem my Jets Points for in any given year?
Jets Gear Gift Cards will only be available one time per season as a Special Offer. Jets Points can be redeemed for a maximum of one (1) Jets Gear Gift Card ($25) per account in any given season (July 1 through June 30). 
Can I have someone else pick up an item I have redeemed my Jets Points for?
Yes, please contact your Account Service Representative to advise them of who will be picking up the item(s).  The person picking up the item(s) must have the printout confirmation of the redemption, along with written authorization from the Primary Account Holder.
Can an item I have redeemed my Jets Points for be mailed to me?
No, mailing is not an option.  However, you can use 500 Jets Rewards Points to have your chosen item(s) couriered to your home.
Do I have to be present for a game day experience?
No, as long as you inform your Account Service Representative in advance of your experience, you can have an alternate party participate in your place.
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