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Display a Scoreboard Message

SKU: WJ18-red-gde-scoreboardmessage
Display a personalized greeting (birthday, anniversary, congratulations or welcome) on the HD Scoreboard at Bell MTS Place during a Winnipeg Jets game!

Please note the following:
1. Your message will appear on the scoreboard at the beginning of the second intermission.
2. Messages can be no longer than 10 words.
3. Messages must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the game day.
4. The message content is subject to the discretion of the Winnipeg Jets.
5. Tickets are not included with this redemption, as you are responsible for tickets to the Jets home game specific to this Reward.
6. No advertising or corporate messages are allowed.

Please email if you would like to redeem for a game day that is not listed below.
6,500 points

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